Happiness is not a destination, it’s the journey.

Happiness is not a destination, it’s the journey.

We’re taught to work having a destination in mind. A child who enters a school is always reminded to score well in exams to secure a good placement for high school. During high school, all the kid has got to do is to prepare well and place him/her in a competitively stable position to enter a reputed university. Over there, the struggle continues to strive well in order to secure a good job. Well, when it is essentially important to do well in whatever you do and planning ahead is inarguably vital, what most of us are missing out is living in the moment because we are busy chasing for something. One after another. 

The milestones that we set, are worth all the grind that it demands, but sadly, it sucks the soul out of us while we are busy running after the so-called “successes”. Honestly, I think that the definition of success is largely misunderstood. Let me give you a simple example, all of us look out for a major festival in a calendar year. Deepavali for me, as me being a Hindu. It holds great excitement for each individual across religion and beliefs, but have you realised the few weeks before Deepavali is actually where the fun lies? The preparations, shopping, cookies making, decorations, sneaking in to satisfy our taste buds with cookies fresh from the oven, (the caroline for the Christians) are the ones that usher in the festive vibes. Even the excitement takes a great dip on the festive day. So this well justifies the title, happiness is not the destination (Deepavali) but it’s the JOURNEY (the tiring process of changing the house curtains. LOL).

We tend not to appreciate what we have until we have lost it. Moments, celebrations and joy are the simple examples of such. Many of us do not pause to reflect, what more to celebrate the little things in life because we have been greatly motivated to run behind the moon where the stars do not matter at all. During our university life, the only thing we had in our mind is to finish school and get out with a scroll, but now if you ask me (out of school for almost 1.5 years), I would trade anything that I possess just to relive the best days of my life – the University chapter. 

Have you heard of the post-olympic syndrome? Recently, I came across this article which talks on the blues that the athletes go through post Olympics. They have endured years of devotion, gruelling trainings keeping only one thing in mind, the GOLD. Even biopics end there, but what happens after the games? Athletes go through some serious emotional turbulence, taking a turmoil in day to day life as they feel, as they have lost their purpose of life. It takes some time for them to get back on track and understand that life isn’t always about winning the gold, but what takes you to the goal. Fun fact: there is also something called postnuptial depression which takes on the post marital syndrome. You might want to check it out.  

All these stuffs, talk on failure of focusing too much on the end goal, but neglecting the little pieces that makes up to it.So, whatever situation that you are in, whatever circumstances that you have put into, it is very important to have micro level understanding of the situation and make the best out of it rather than to always having a big picture in life, while the small things slip away without us realizing that those little things are the ones that matter.

Little things matter, when they matter, they aren’t little anymore.